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Weaving Guide

The technique for weaving birds is known from the weaving of Christmas hearts - and yet not quite. When bird weaving you place one item inside the other so that the inner paper is weaved out through the outer one. (There are, however, some exceptions: the double swans, the storks, the mallards, the double woodpeckers, the rooster, the cormorant, the peacock, the red-throated loon and the ibis. These are intertwined in the traditional Christmas heart way).

The technique is the same on other templates, even if the weave is distributed a little differently. It is hopefully only the first time you need to keep your tongue straight.

Watch this video if you are in doubt about the procedure with, for example, the flamingo: 


Braiding instructions

There are several ways to weave, here is an example:

  1. Both A and B are turned with the colored side outwards.

  2. A is placed inside B so that the braid lines lie againstput each other.

  3. The braiding begins from the inside.

  4. The innermost strips (furthest from the edges of the bird) merge first. From A (the innermost) take the innermost strip and braid with B’s innermost strip.

  5. You work outwards towards the edges of the bird.

  6. You work further outwards towards the edges of the bird.

  7. Now you are close to the goal. The last braids are the heavy onesleft as there is not much room to frolic. Look at the “basic drawing” how the pattern is distributed in the braid.
    The braid is the same on both sides. Turn the bird while braiding so you do not skip anything. It may sound complicated, but this is only the first time.

  8. Congratulations. The bird is braided! The loose parts are cut out and glued. The handle is mounted. The birds must be able to open, so be careful with the glue.

The work is admired and is welcome to be shown.


What went wrong?

Excessive consumption of mulled wine or other intoxicants immediately before performing bird clipping can have fatal consequences.

If there is no space to braid the last strip, the braid lines are not cut far enough up. Either the bird is braided up again, the braid lines are cut all the way to the bottom and you start over - or the braid lines are carefully cut a little longer with a sharp hobby knife.

If the braid is finished and the bird looks a little too strange, you have most likely swapped models A and B. Carefully loosen the braid and start over with A on the inside and B on the outside.