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DIY kit offer: Buy 4 and get 1 free

The flamingo (Phoenicopteridaeis easily recognizable by its very long neck, its large beak, its thin long legs and its pink/red colors. Observed flamingos are likely to have escaped from captivity... at least in Denmark. The flamingo breeds in very large colonies, and in Europe only a few places in the southern swamps.

DIY kit or ready-made?
The bird is available either as a DIY kit where you have to weave the bird yourself and mount small parts with a glue stick, or as a ready-made item - ready to be hung up. Both are delivered in the cover shown.

How to?
On the inside of the packaging you will find a weaving guide.

If you want to try from scratch, selected birds are also available as templates.

Product information:
The birds are handmade from paper and will thus vary in color and finish.
Difficulty: ★ ☆ ☆
Size: ≈ 11 x 10,5 cm / 4⅓ x 4⅛ "
Material: Glossy paper in different colors
Mounting: Paper handle is included
Packaging: The bird comes in and nice cover
🇩🇰 Made and designed in Denmark by Flettede Fugle