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Solsort - Flettede Fugle
Solsort - Flettede Fugle
Solsort - Flettede Fugle


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The blackbird (Turdus merula) is a common resident bird in Denmark. The male is black with an orange-yellow beak. The female is more brownish with a brown beak. It sings a beautiful and always varied song from treetops and rooftops. The song can already be heard from late winter. The blackbird seeks its food on the ground and on the lawn.

DIY kit or ready-made?
The bird is available either as a DIY kit where you have to weave the bird yourself and mount small parts with a glue stick, or as a ready-made item - ready to be hung up. Both are delivered in the cover shown.

How to?
On the inside of the packaging you will find a weaving guide.

If you want to try from scratch, selected birds are also available as templates.

Product information:
The birds are handmade from paper and will thus vary in color and finish.
Difficulty: ★ ☆ ☆
Size: ≈ 14 x 8 cm / 5½ x 3⅛ "
Material: Glossy paper in different colors
Mounting: Paper handle is included
Packaging: The bird comes in and nice cover
🇩🇰 Made and designed in Denmark by Flettede Fugle